Back story of the character

Your character’s essence is something your character is originally. Maybe they show they are rude, but are actually a softie when they see babies. Or they might say they are introvert, but they are the people who love wearing fancy clothes and cracking dirty jokes, again here their main essence is the way they behave in private, with people they trust. And this essence can be derived from the back story of the character. Recently, I worked on my character arcs and back stories and found out I didn’t justify their past lives, before the whole story began. So I sat down and wrote the back stories for every character in the book.

Here’s the thing. When you write a back story you need to ask few questions to yourself as in what your character was even before the story started on the paper.

My main character (mc) is 16 years old in high school, and my story begins when she starts dating. Also she has friends whom she loves. Except the casual banters at home, she seems perfect, only she knows she could be anything but that. This was the summary of the first chapter of my book, where I need to establish the character and her essence and also the other character’s presence.

So the questions I asked while creating my characters were these:

1. How did her friendship started with her friends?

2. (If she has a crush. Possible love interest) how did she formed a crush on that person ? In my story I have the mc who has a crush on a guy when she was 14.

3. Any event when your mc was a kid or teen that made him/her happy or sad that might have an effect on their present lives.

4. How is your MCs family like ?

Now let’s do a detailed analysis of your MC’s nature and emotional quotient.

1. How is your MC’s relationship with herself? Does (s)he believe in self love or hates own self.

2 How is their relationship with their friends ? Are they chatty or keep things to themselves. Do they have any favourite friend ?

3. What kind of reaction they show when a stranger greets them or asks them questions ?

4. What kind of reaction they have to cheesy movies ? This might help you to know of they are too emotional or not.

If you have any other amazing ideas feel free to add them in the comments. Let’s help each other in this #writerscommunity.

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Until then,

Happy writing



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