How to write horror fiction

I’ve been writing horror fiction since 2014 which sums up to 5 years and during that period I’ve learnt quite a few things about that genre. As a fiction writers, we need to describe the character, but in horror and fantasy the characters and even the setting might be a bit complicated to describe with then distorted faces and bloody environment.

So today I’m gonna rant about horror fiction. Till what I have learnt is, in horror fiction you need to include all of your senses. The touch, the visuals, the smell, the sounds and the taste. Taste will add an extra spice to your story which will help you emphasize the scenario deeply. For example if you just explained a room covered with blood like this: He saw the walls of room painted with scarlet . The way the thick liquid dripped from the ceiling on the floor, confirmed it as blood. This will sound boring and straightforward,which won’t help to engage readers. You need your readers to be immersed in the book, so maybe this will look great: The air was sour. He stepped inside the room, his eyes fixed on the scarlet liquid that dripped from the ceiling on the floor. He could smell the fresh scent that water leaves behind on iron. The smell of rust and salt. At an eerie moment as this, he could feel nothing, but the dampness beneath his feet made by the sticky thick spot of the liquid which he now confirmed as blood. A loud screech bursted from the corner of the room. John jumped on his feet, as he hurdled into the handkerchief size room he banged his head against something hard, something smelly.

If you could involve all the senses it will have an amazing effect on the readers. Other few tricks which you could use are the, using shirt sentences and dialogues. Second, do not use the word ‘sudden’ third and the most important, create sympathy for your victim : main characters. Make your main characters as poor little things as possible. This will make your reader feel deeply about them.

That’s all for today. Make sure you write everyday only then you’ll be able to write amazing stories. Much love.

Happy writing!



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