How to get back to writing after a long time.

Writing after a break of couple of months can make you feel lazy and your procrastinator meter will be high. In a case where you have returned from a vacation or just started writing after four weeks keep in mind to not to stress yourself.

1. stressing yourself

If you can’t think of words to put the scene on paper – do not worry. Open a blank document and put down all the words you think might fit the scene. Start a new paragraph and start arranging the words in a sensible manner. After that kick off your writing for the day and busy yourself in reading.

When you’ll have your incomplete work waiting for you, you’ll be drawn to it just like the protagonist is drawn to the ghosts in house. Let the ghost of your story linger in your mind, after all you need to ignite the excitement of writing your story after a long time. After that…

2. Visit the past.

As mentioned in my previous post make sure that you go through all the character charts and their back story. This will freshen up the scenes and plots and the characters mannerism. Give yourself time to go through the back stories and make changes if you feel they are necessary.

3.the next day

The next day sit down to write the actual content from where you had left the day before. Let me tell you, even on the second day you’ll feel tired and lazy to write, but writer nevertheless. Think of your work like your crush, whom you can see only for few minutes, say 20 minutes. Set an alarm and start writing whatever that comes to your mind about the story. Recollect the time (yesterday) when you felt like writing more and then write. Once the alarm goes off stop writing.

4. Start reviewing

Once the alarm goes off start reviewing and correcting whatever you’ve written. Continue this process until you are comfortable everyday to come back the same time and write without feeling pressurised or stressed to do so. Once you’ve set your routine don’t stop to edit.

That’s all I got for you today. Any art be it writing, dancing or painting needs the burning passion. Without passion there won’t be any art.

See you my dear readers. I’ll make sure to get back to you same time on same page. Hang on for writerly feed. Comment below if you have any questions which you want to be answered in my next post. This page is all about writers and helping them. Lots of love to y’all. Until then, happy writing. Adiós.

If you love poetries make sure you check out Weavingdreams0’s Instagram account. She writes poetries on love and sorrow but is currently dabbling in other emotions. She loves abstract poems more than visual ones. You can tweet her on P_Eva05 she loves making new friends. Adiós!


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