Leave me. A story

Tanya, 18 just out of high school, walked home from a local diner on the chilly December morning. She stomped her feet as she walked on the pavement, tears ran down her cheeks and she constantly tried to rub them off her face, but she failed to do so. A thousand things cluttered her head.

One. She had lost her job. Two. She had just broken all her strings, with her boyfriend kyle, who also turned out to be the son of the diner owner who fired her from the diner and from his son’s life. The owner thought, the girl full of piercing and vibrant hair color was the reason why his son’s grade’s were getting low. But both Tanya and kyle knew, it was Kyle’s disinterest in the subjects. And three. She had a huge amount of rent pending.

She pressed past the bodies on the pavement, it was a rush hour of 8:30. Everyone was up on to be somewhere, even those who stayed on streets appeared to be more busy than her. Crushed, broke, agitated Tanya reached near the crossing line, she didn’t notice that all the people had stood back. And that the signal lights for pedestrians were red, her head hung low as she wiped her tears. She didn’t notice that she had stepped ahead. She didn’t notice a car was speeding towards her. She didn’t notice until…

A ring went by in the diner, it was kyles phone that rang. Kyle was in the changing room, cursing himself for the break up with his first love. I must tell dad I’m not interested in becoming doctor, not anymore. He thought. He raked his hand through his hair and banged the small metal locker besides him. The phone rang again, he searched for his cell, but it wasn’t near him, someone from outside knocked the door.

“Kyle, its from hospital,” he heard his father’s c voice. He opened the door of changing room, his father’s face had changed considerably. A few minutes ago he had see his dad all jolly, just like when he had been last year when he had caught the biggest fish amongst his friends. But, now his face was pale, no emotions no nothing was written on his face. This look was quite familiar to Kyle, he knew this kind of face of his dad, meant something major thing and not a good one.

He grabbed the phone from his dad’s hand and placed against his ears, “Hello,”

“Is this kyle I’m speaking to ?”

“Yes,” he waited for the person to speak

“We found your number on the speed dial on Miss. Tanya Lambert’s phone. She was hit by a car and is admitted in hospital,” everything stopped right there. All his senses went numb, his brain couldn’t wrap all these things, he glared at his dad and dashed out of the room. He wasn’t thinking straight, all he knew at that moment was she needed him and he wanted to be with her. He had even forgotten that the doctor was speaking on the phone.

Hello are you still there ? Hello ?” the doctors voice brought him out of his thoughts.

“Yeah. Which hospital ?” he breathed out. He got his keys from the front table of he diner and strutted out to his car.

The doctor gave him the hospitals name,“She has hurt her head pretty bad and needs immediate medical attention even a surgery,” “I’ll be there in a few,” Kyle bit his tongue and hung up the phone.

Please don’t leave me, Tanya. Not now, not ever. He prayed as he sped towards the hospital.


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