Back story of the character

write the backstory of character by simple steps. With this get to know your characters well.

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New year

Words could never explain what I feel for you. That kind of gratitude, I’m thankful to you. At times you made me feel lonely, but soon enough I realised I needed to know my self worth. You built me up, unlike someone who had let me down. You made me dream of the tallest mountain, […]

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Writers live in a world they themselves are unaware of. The world for writers is constantly filled with the struggle to maintain realness of the text in a complete unrealistic background ( for fiction writers ) and this leads to the birth of term imagination. Imagination is not just constricted with writing but with other […]

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All night

Watch the whole video on YouTube: Poetry T.V. .I don’t know why I stay up all night, Regretting every bit of our fight. It’s like my mind has gave up thinking straight, It’s roaming around while my heart bearing some weight. It’s getting heavier by the storms causing havoc, My emotions are like some destructive […]

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